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Rebates and Fees

See Blue Space Psychology's session fees, Medicare rebates and Private Insurance policies. Please note, we are only accepting referrals for clients aged 16 year and older.

Session Fees

  • Initial appointment: $220

  • Follow up appointment: $200

  • Premium appointment surcharge*: $20


*This surcharge, in addition to the regular session fee, applies to any appointment that commences before 9am, or from 5pm onwards.

Mental Health Treatment Plan

  • Your General Practitioner (GP) can support you in accessing psychological therapy through the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme, by providing you with a Mental Health Treatment Plan. With a valid Plan, you are eligible for a rebate via Medicare for each session with a psychologist, which is currently set at $93.35.

  • There is a limit on the number of sessions per year for which you can claim a Medicare rebate; please discuss this with your GP or psychologist.

Private Health Insurance

  • You may be eligible for a rebate from your private health fund; please discuss this with your health insurance provider directly.

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