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For professionals

Professional development for healthcare providers
Supervision/Case consultation (1:1 and group)
Training and workshops

I have been a registered psychologist for 15 years, and bring a wealth of knowledge to the realm of both mental health, and sexual and reproductive health. Having recently completed my Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual & Reproductive Health) and specializing in Psychosexual Therapy from the prestigious University of Sydney, I am excited to offer my expertise to fellow healthcare professionals.


I provide personalized consultations, supervision, and training, both one-on-one and in group settings, tailored to the unique needs of you and your practice. These sessions are ideal for healthcare professionals who encounter clients with sex-related issues and wish to enhance their treatment interventions. This can be anything from feeling more confident to introduce the topic of sex to your clients or patients, through to the seamless integration of psychosexual therapy into your, or your team's, practice.

My consultation and training services can cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Changes in desire and arousal

  • Difficulty with orgasm

  • Painful sex

  • Performance-related anxiety

  • Relationships and sex, addressing communication or mismatched desires

  • Sexual orientation and identity

  • Sexual functioning difficulties

  • Pornography dependence

  • Exploring kinks and fetishes

  • Sexual trauma

  • Living with STIs

  • Support in navigating non-traditional relationship structures, such as non-monogamy

  • Gender affirming healthcare

Whether you have a specific client case, are seeking to broaden your understanding of psychosexual therapy, or simply want to feel more confident to raise the topic of sexual healthcare, I am here to provide comprehensive support and guidance. Reach out today to explore how we can collaborate for the benefit of your clients and your practice.

Organisational support
orkplace training
Executive coaching

Prior to working in the clinical space as a psychologist, my background was in Human Resources and executive coaching. This unique blend services me well in providing engaging and informative speaking engagements, transformative training sessions, or workshops that delve into the intricacies of mental health, psychological well-being, leadership, diversity, inclusion, and culture.

With a passion for fostering understanding and promoting positive change, I specialize in creating dynamic and thought-provoking experiences. Whether you're seeking guidance on enhancing workplace mental health, navigating the complexities of human relationships, or fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, my expertise spans a broad spectrum. I am dedicated to providing valuable insights that resonate with diverse audiences by empowering your team, inspiring change, and cultivating a thriving environment. Reach out today to discuss how we can collaborate to elevate your next event.

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